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Janet blew my mind today.

She has given me a new direction to take in my life in order to heal my mind, body and soul. Everything she said today was absolutely spot on and I can’t thank her enough for all of her incredible insights. She really is the real deal, she’s so lovely and kind hearted, I felt completely comfortable talking to her. I can’t recommend her enough. I’ll be seeing you again soon!
James Harvey, Highgate WA October 2021

Thank you so much Janet for your Positive energy, Also for your joy, honesty and powerful wisdom that you emanate into each life!
Janet’s beautiful self came into my life not long ago, but sshe has already shown & passed amazing, inspiring, uplifting, clear and precise messages, bringing much needed clarity into my life. She did a very consistent, true great energetic reading, an has given me amazing Reiki hands on healing, its truly blessed my life in ways I deemed as impossible andcontinues to do so. Janet has certainly made the impossible, so much more possible!
Anita Robeson, Tuart Hill WA, 14 June 2013
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