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“Psychics are not medical specialists or professional counsellors”

  • Connect with their True Present, Higher Self, Life Path, Soul Purpose
  • Hold space for them in the highest Energies of Pure Divine White Light 
  • Deliver their intuitive messages with honesty and compassion
  • Be an impartial translator to help with strength and guidance towards their awareness or towards further support

A Lightworkers Reality... You don’t always get the whole picture.

We are human and not always going to get everything perfectly right

Translating Divine Intuition (with a 'full picture' view, delivering mind blowing  'soul resonating' accuracy) ... requires highly evolved skills and abilities. But if that is your goal, It purely means investing in the learning. Understanding the methods, trialing various modalities, having personal patience, perseverance with the processes and practice practice practice.

Personally, I could feel my Psychic Pulse early in life. I had this naturally heightened sense of a broader perception. Randomly seeing, feeling, hearing little snippets and jumbled images. Not only could I not see a full picture... I was probably unaware that it may have even been an actual any part of a picture. Hilarious!  At that stage I was totally under equiped to decipher any of it anyway. There was certainly no go-go-gadget big picture lens. Or even someone to talk to about it back then. 

Eventually, a clearer personal message came through for me and I finally understood that each little piece I was intuitively being shown actually had relevance and a place it belonged to. So I started with a journal, that developed into some self taught intuitive processes, it helped me gather my intuitive bits n pieces  to slowly start actually realising some common threads and links... therefore, drawing towards a bigger picture.   

I also found some fun skill building practices...and tried them out on pretty much anyone that would let me, on random animals, friends pets, of heaps of trees, buildings, my car and Im pretty sure when I was working as a country DJ, I did a few tarot consults trying to intuitively design a successful songlist .   Experienced plenty of trial and error, experimented with many different energies, tools and modalities,  went through some red-faced embarrassments even upset a few people, Yes, I pushed, crossed broke and also mended various boundaries...  and along the way there were many various small intuitive hits/wins that kept my passion in motion.  I often declared to the Universe, Heads Up Spirit! Im ascension bound! 

Witnessing someone being deeply impacted by their messages

from Spirit is such a Blessing for me……

Oh and I MUST ADMIT, do love those


I get from customers          …         PRICELESS 

I had read this following Invocation somewhere nearly 20 years ago,.NEARLY 2O YERS AGO stumbled across it again today online today.  

 The Role Of The Light Bearer.

To be the standard for all those who seek resolution in light.

To be a light holder. An energy holder to support balance and growth around the world.

To be the pioneers of change and forward thinking.

To be the liberators of truth and cooperation.

To be the example of love personified.

To be the teachers of the knowledge and the process.

To be the facilitators and practitioners of inner wisdom and sovereign Self-given gifts.

To be kind, compassionate and forgiving.

To be the ambassadors of light, love and liberty.

To be the disassemblers of illusion.

To be the seeders of greater understanding and expanded consciousness.

To be the way showers, inspirers and world leaders.

To be the healers, the listeners and the carers.

To be the voice of spirit.

To be the creators.

To be the transmuters, transitioners and trainers.

To be the authors of Earth’s future in the cosmos.

To be the protectors of Mother Earth and all its inhabitants.

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