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Blog – Humans are parasites on the planet!?

Humans are basically just a parasite or virus on this Earth

  Who’s heard that old chestnut?

I’m going to assume most of you.  Personally, Ive heard it time and time again. A frequent & commonly shared analogy these days!

I put forward that this jarring and de-valuing ideal has had quite a big collective consequence for us all over time.

I feel its one of those ever circulating sayings that unsympathetically promotes a deep dis-connection and disregard of our human value to ourselves and our very existence.

I also think analogies like these are grabbed by power/control driven people and groups to equip themselves with more divide & conquer tools against humanity for personal gain.

💝 I believe we share a DIVINE, INVALUABLE & INFINITE

co-exsistance with Mother Earth, UNIVERSE… with EVERYTHING 💝

I’d like to share with you, an understanding,/concept I have…..

The greatest gift we have as humans is our ability to THINK! 

We think our THOUGHTS! 

Which at an origin level, comes from a Dis-agreement of sorts.  A DIS.

That disagreement could be change, contradiction, trauma, intervention, new knowledge/awakening etc   

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️By the way, Heres my filtered concept of what DIS stands for……. DIS = Data Information System OR another way I use it,  DETAILS I SENSE 


Just an example, I’ll apply my Thought process idea…. 

Your THOUGHTs experience a DIS-AGREEMENT, it might create/affect a DIS-CONNECTION→ DIS-CORD→ DIS-EASE,  from the old understandings.

As humans we yearn for coherent order so will naturally search for understanding.  

At some point, we do reach for a new agreement, sometimes that agreement is only to ignore, delay, justify etc….  

Nevertheless, we can use another uniquely human gift, our FREE WILL and apply our new agreement.  

Repeating, promoting and practicing our agreement concepts….. over and over…. Until there is a new DIS-AGREEMENT …..



Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts... Anything resonate or perhaps you have an opposing opinion or complete different perspective.  

Lets openly rambling and reason

Universal Love & Light 

Janet ☮️

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