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⚡️Janet Osredecki ⚡️

✨ Natural Born Intuitive  ✨ Psychic Clairvoyant✨

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Working from home-base, Western Australia is Popular Perth Psychic, Janet Osredecki.  

Renowned for honest, accurate intuition, she has a well supported reputation of being ’SPOT-ON’ and delivering truly enlightening awareness’ during Psychic, Tarot Intuitive Readings.  Naturally Gifted, Janet is experienced and skilled in creating powerful comnnections with Divine Universal Energies.

From a young age Janet was acutely aware of vibrations, light sources, sounds and specifically the presence of ‘beings’ that coexist with us all, just on different levels and in different forms.

These extra sensory perceptions accessed many eventful paranormal, psychic and etheric situations throughout the years. Including a multitude of dimensional and even other-worldly observations and experiences.

Growing in self and spiritual awareness gathered invaluable knowledge, intuitive skills , personal growth and development for this Mother of 2 sons,  But on a deeper note, the profound turning point for Janet was awakening to the absolute clarity of the infinite omnipotence and existence of Divine White Light….. SPIRIT.

Over the course of her life, Spirit and many Angelic Entities have directly connected with Janet to teach and attune her to understand a deep and vast Divine language.  Unlike our verbal/written word, most communication Janet receives from Spirit is interpreted from signs and symbolisms. A basic but big part of this gifted language appears through through visuals, colours, sounds and sensations received.

She has assisted so many people from all walks of life in unsurmountable circumstances and situations. There is an Infinite source of knowledge and healing available for you to tap into at anytime! 
If you would like to access and awaken your dormant or slowly growing natural gifts enquire about Janets  ‘BORN WITH IT” Psychic Development Workshops.
Not ready to embark on that 6th Sense journey right now This perfectly fine. Janet is your Lightworking Channel.  
Dedicated to  assisting you for the Good of Yourself and the Good of All. She will creating a direct clear Channel to the other side for you, translate your own personal Divine Guidance.  This can help to give you strength and direction to further self awaken, grow and develop. 
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